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Welcome to the Ultimate Academy of Martial Arts. Your interest in the school and martial arts is just the beginning of a wonderful journey with benefits that can last you a lifetime. Our goal at the school is to help students discover themselves and their talents in order to reach their full potential. All our classes are all taught by senior level instructors each with expertise in studying and teaching the martial arts.

At the Ultimate Academy of Martial Arts we offer the following programs:

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Austin Kickboxing
"Home of the Austin Kickboxing Fight Team"
We invite you to come in and talk with our instructors and students and watch a class. We offer an introductory lesson for a nominal fee or you may attend your first group class at no charge to see if it is right for you. With a little effort, we are sure that you will discover for yourself how martial arts can make your life healthier, safer, and more enjoyable as you improve your confidence and well being at the Ultimate Academy of Martial Arts.